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Michigan sculptor Doug Chick - Image and Arts Council of Troy Michigan
Artist Profile: Doug Chick
Art Portfolio Doug Chick Sculptor
"Fabled Flight" Bronze - 7 Feet Tall - Edition of 25
Commissioned by the West Bloomfield Township Public Library

"Psalm 84" Bronze - 6 Feet 7 Inches Tall
Commissioned by the North Hills Church in Troy, Michigan
Hydrostone Relief Sculptures, in Editions of 30
"Freedom" (Top) Measures 25"x 54"x 2"
"Spirit" (Bottom) Measures 11.5" x 53" x 3"
"Body and Spirit"
31"x 7"x 5"
Edition of 20
"Free Flight"
Hydrostone Relief
27 .5" x  13"x 1.5",
Edition of 30

Bronze 28"x6"x6"
Edition of 20
Schroeder Elementary,
Troy, Michigan
"The Librarian"
Bronze 26"x6"x6"
Edition of 20
Troy Public Library,
Troy, Michigan