James Brown
Mike Byrne
Bill Cowger
Adrian Jellinek
Diana Jellinek
Linda Shears
Larry Zdeb
Fashion designs created for the "Catwalk - Couture for a Cause" charity fundraising event held at the Michigan Design Center. The dress design names are : "Fantasia Floreale", "Naples Night Out" and "Rosso Rubino".
Original donated chair
  "Effie-Vesence" an award winning re-purposed chair in the form of a fairy. Painted and decorated by Linda Shears and Lynn Lim.
  Lynn Lim and Linda Shears posing with
the repurposed fairy chair "Effie-Vesence".
Original chair - from a courthouse.
  "Tulula of Troy" an award winning re-purposed chair-person. Painted and decorated by Linda Shears and Zabel Belian.
Rainbow Wall detail of Bemis Middle School Mural Project with detail closeups of character images.