James Brown
Mike Byrne
Jo Chiapelli
Doug Chick
Bill Cowger
Adrian Jellinek
Diana Jellinek
Annie Lloyd
Linda Shears
Larry Zdeb
Linda Shears Fashion designs created for the "Catwalk - Couture for a Cause" charity fundraising event held at the Michigan Design Center. The dress design names are : "Fantasia Floreale", "Naples Night Out" and "Rosso Rubino".
Original donated chair
  "Effie-Vesence" an award winning re-purposed chair in the form of a fairy. Painted and decorated by Linda Shears and Lynn Lim.
  Lynn Lim and Linda Shears posing with
the repurposed fairy chair "Effie-Vesence".
Original chair - from a courthouse.
  "Tulula of Troy" an award winning re-purposed chair-person. Painted and decorated by Linda Shears and Zabel Belian. Sanded and primed by James Homer Brown.
Rainbow Wall detail of Bemis Middle School Mural Project with detail closeups of character images.