I/ACT Newsletter June 30, 2008
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Special Artist Invite  - Monday June 30th IACT Meeting
Many new artists have joined I/ACT in the last few weeks! We want to extend a special invitation to the new artists and any other interested parties to attend Monday's meeting at 1:30 at the Troy Public Library. (Meeting agenda below.)
If you can attend, please RSVP to either Linda Shears 248-877-3994 or
Charlene Brown at  248-813-0234.
"Art Unhinged" - Doors Project Update 

The July 1st deadline for "Art Unhinged" is almost here.  Please complete the two page application and submit it with your sketch and check for $25 payable to the Troy Community Coalition. 
Photos of the doors are now available on the city's website at:
http://www.troymi.gov/communityaffairs/ArtUnhingedPhotos.asp .

The City of Troy's information page for "Art Unhinged" is located here:
http://www.troymi.gov/communityaffairs/artunhinged.asp  .

Jury results will be determined by August 1, 2008. Voided checks will be returned to those not accepted. Artists will received 1/3 of the auction price.  

More details and dates are contained in the downloadable application form which is in MS Word format:  "Art Unhinged" - Artist Application Form. 

ALSO - we have some information about the composition of the doors. They are flat steel and we have been told they are NOT galvanized and do not contain lead.  Being that they were functioning doors, they will have handles and hinges. They have a core, but we don't know what the core-fill is.  More details will follow as soon as it is available.
Meeting Agenda - June 30th I/ACT Meeting 
Troy Chamber Image and Arts Council of Troy - I/ACT
Monday, 30 June 2008, 1:30 PM
Location:  Troy Public Library 
(within Civic Center Campus, location: North side of Big Beaver, just east of I-75)
Chairperson:Linda Shears, Linda Shears Design, Ltd.
Mission: Enhance Troy's Image through Arts, Culture and Urban Design
I                       Welcome & Introductions
II                     North Woodward Community Foundation
III                    Updates and Other Discussion Items
                        a)         Art Unhinged
                        b)         Kresge Foundation Grant Opportunities
                        c)         Outcome:  Leadership Troy Arts Forum - 28 May 2008
                        d)         Newsletter and Website
                        e)         Brown Bag Sessions at TPL
                        f)         Other(s)
IV                    Next Steps/Meeting
I/ACT meetings occur at 1:30 PM, on the last Monday of each month. 
V                     Closing
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