I/ACT Newsletter August 1, 2008
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"Art Unhinged" - Doors Project Update 

There are still some doors left - and apparently applications are still being considered - even though the original deadline date has passed. Cost is $25 paid to the Troy Community Coalition.  The Troy Eccentric has a great, page 1 story about the Doors project and artist Troy Beverly Booth who is participating.
Take the challenge and participate in this exciting artistic event!  I/ACT Committee Chair Linda Shears (a participating Doors artist) can provide additional information. Linda's phone # is 248-877-3994.
Photos of the doors are available on the city's website at:
http://www.troymi.gov/communityaffairs/ArtUnhingedPhotos.asp .

The City of Troy's information page for "Art Unhinged" is located here:
http://www.troymi.gov/communityaffairs/artunhinged.asp  .

Voided checks will be returned to those not accepted. Artists will received 1/3 of the auction price.  

More details and dates are contained in the downloadable application form which is in MS Word format:  "Art Unhinged" - Artist Application Form. 
It's About Time! An Artsy Evening Party for Troy Artists! 
Jaimi Tarnow, Directory of Events for the Troy Chamber of Commerce will attend the next I/ACT meeting to discuss putting together an evening wine and cheese party where artists can meet and network.
A variety of locations are being considered. One proposed idea is to have an event at Troy's Community Theater -  Ridgedale Players  location to encompass a wider range of arts and culture, other than only visual arts.
If anyone has additional ideas for an art netorking event , please feel free to contact Linda Shears or Charlene Brown (contact info below).    
Michigan Artist Exhibition News -
The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center is featuring a month long exhibit of Artist Ruth Adler-Schnee. The exhibit is part of the "Michigan Masters" series and runs through August 29th. An artist's talk is scheduled for Friday, August 22nd at 7pm.
BBAC links to Ruth Adler-Schnee's work and 
More information from The Detroiter magazine.
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