I/ACT Newsletter January 16, 2009
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Upcoming I/ACT - Troy Arts Related Meetings   
  •   I/ACT  Urbanism & Public Art / Pew Charitable Trust Webinar: Friday, Jan 16th.
  •   Next I/ACT Board Meeting: Monday,  Jan 26th           
  •   Next I/ACT Urban Arts Seminar: Friday, Feb 20th 1pm                

I/ACT  Webinar / Seminar:  Pew Charitable Trusts Cultural Data Project            

Date:         Friday - January 16, 2009
Location: Troy City Hall Lower Level Conference Room
Time:         Noon to 1pm   
The prestigious Washington DC and Philadelphia based  Pew Charitable Trusts will present a webinar about its Cultural Data Project.  

The arts & cultural sector has an incredible opportunity to empower themselves and bolster their work through the Cultural Data Project sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trust.

This online standardized data collection system designed for nonprofit organizations has been implemented most recently in California, after its prior success in both Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Learn more about the Cultural Data Project and how it could benefit the arts & cultural sector in Michigan, support advocacy, benchmarking, financial and grant reporting, and make a strong case for our creative sector.

This is a "Brown Bag" lunch format. Feel free to bring something to eat. Coffee and cookies will be served.  Note that the location for this meeting only has been moved from the Troy Library to Troy City Hall. Contact Dr. Maria Hunciag at 248-524-3543 with any questions.

Reminder:  Next   I/ACT  Board Meeting            
Date:           Monday -  January 26, 2009
Location:  Troy Public Library
Time:          1:30 pm 

It has been two months since our last meeting. There should be lots of new items to consider and discuss for the New Year. Open to the public.  All are encouraged to attend. For more information contact: Linda Shears I/ACT Committee Chairperson. 

February "Brown Bag" Lunch Seminar    
Topic:         Business and Employment in the Arts   
Date:            Friday -  February 20, 2009
Location:   Troy Public Library
Time:           Noon to 1 pm 

As of January 2008, Michigan Congressional District 9 is home to 2,316 arts-related businesses that employ 10,563 people.

These arts-centric businesses play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy in the county. They employ people who spend money locally, generate government revenue, and are a cornerstone of tourism and economic development. Maria Hunciag, Troy Public Library Cultural Arts Coordinator and guests will talk about these Creative Industries and the "Creative Class" in Troy and Oakland County. 

For more info contact Maria at
248-524-3543 or Linda Shears , I/ACT Committee Chairperson.