I/ACT Newsletter October 13, 2009
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Suzanne Wiggins, Executive Director and
Ellen Hughes, Marketing Director
Paint Creek Center for the Arts
Topic: The Arts - What Lies Ahead of Us
  Friday - October 16, 2009  
Location: Troy Public Library    Time: Noon to 1PM

We are very honored to have these art business professionals speak to our group. Paint Creek has a long and successful history and is the sponsor of the Art and Apples Festival in Rochester each fall. 

Ellen joined I/ACT earlier this year and we really appreciate the insight she has offered us.

Upcoming November 20th Urban Arts Seminar

Topic: Monet Garden Walk
 Beautiful Multimedia Presentation by Dr Maria Hunciag
Cultural Affairs Coordinator - Troy Public Library

  Friday -  November 20, 2009  
Location: Troy Public Library    Time: Noon to 1PM

On November 17, 1890 the Impressionist painter Claude Monet, father of the movement, purchased the property at Giverny and set out to create the magnificent gardens he wanted to paint.

A friend of his, the American Gustave Geffroy, wrote:"This house is modest and yet sumptuous with the indoor arrangement and those of the gardens. This house and its garden is also a work of art and Monet devoted all his life to creating it and bringing it to perfection."
Next I/ACT Meeting:

Monday October 26th, 1:30 pm at the Troy Public Library.

I/ACT members and any person interested in the arts is encouraged to attend. If you have any questions, please contact the people noted at the bottom of this newsletter.

Our meetings are usually held on the last Monday of the month at 1:30 pm at the Troy Public Library.
The Good News??

1) The "Look at the Arts in Troy" marketing program is moving forward and we have some great new members coming on board!  Specifics will be announced in a later email.

Our objective is to encourage not only artists, but also businesses and people interested in arts marketing to join with us. Hopefully, this will provide venues for the artists and the enthusiasm and  expertise to help with events promotion. As we talk to businesses, there is definite interest in promoting the work of Michigan artists.

2) We are going to add the weekly art listings of James Dozier to our website. James publishes a twice weekly listing of art events in and around metro Detroit. At a recent art opening we found out that local art aficionados use his list to plan their weekend art activities.

3) The videos of Bill Cowger's Photo Safaris have been delivered to Community Media Network. Bill has been a presenter for I/ACT twice this year - and we really appreciate it.  His February seminar included over 200 photos and it took some time to incorporate these with his spoken presentation.

Bill discusses safari living, and gives us his tips about how he gets the "up close" pictures of wild animals in the Serengeti. He also has lots of cute baby animal photos, video of charging elephants and some very rewarding information about helping a Tanzanian grade school.

Since CMN prefers half hour shows, his seminar had to be broken into two parts which required additional time for editing. As soon as the TV schedule is known (Channel 52 on Comcast and Channel 28 on WOW), we'll send out an updated email.

4) We're reaching to other local arts organizations for input and possible collaboration. This has also resulted in some great new additions to our membership roster.