I/ACT Newsletter January 22, 2010
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Monthly Meeting Reminder - Image & Arts Council of Troy

  Monday -  January 25, 2010  
Location: Troy Public Library    Time: 1:30 PM

The first I/ACT meeting of 2010 will be held on Monday, January 25th at 1:30 pm at the Troy Library.

The topics of discussion will be handed out at the meeting (calendar is below). 

The I/ACT website is being updated to include information about recent events and to include beautiful artwork by some of our newest members.   If you know of anyone who would benefit from joining I/ACT, please pass their names along.  (I/ACT contact names are at the bottom of this email.)

Bill Cowger's "Art Photography as a Business" urban arts seminar (see below) is being held today at noon at the Troy Library.  If you miss that you can also view Bill's exciting wildlife photography exhibits on display at the library during January and February.

Topic: "Art Photography As A Business"
  Presentation by Bill Cowger

  Friday -  January 22  
Location: Troy Public Library    Time: Noon to 1PM

The creative class in rising! With web design, film making and even the success of Artprize in Grand Rapids, more people are realizing that art can equate with economic success.

Long time Troy resident and wildlife photographer Bill Cowger will discuss how he transformed a hobby into a lucrative business. This entertaining and informative program is presented in connection with his brand new exhibit at the Troy Public Library