I/ACT Newsletter June 22, 2010
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Meeting Reminder  - Image and ArtsCouncil of Troy
Monday June 28th 1:30 pm - Troy Public Library

Topics will include an update on the Troy artists' networking event, artist shows around metro Detroit, the Michigan Cultural Data Project, new art endeavors in Oakland County and more.  The meeting is free - and anyone interested in the Arts in Troy is encouraged to attend.

A Fun Time at the  Crossroads by Linda Shears

On Friday May 7th 2010, I/ACT members and friends enjoyed a hilarious evening at the opening night performance of  Ridgedale Players vintage melodrama "Dirty Work at the Crossroads".

We met in the Green Room for  pre-performance enjoyment of delicious appetizers and wonderful wines. The food was provided by Tamara Dillard (Diane's daughter) owner of Edible Arts (248-544-3713) and Nino Salvaggio's. The wine was donated by Kroger's.

The play was an interactive event. We boo'd and hissed and applauded at the characters when prompted by cue cards - and sometimes just when the action on stage prompted us to do so. Popcorn was an added prop given to the audience to throw onto the stage when the villain's actions and words demanded our reactions!

Michele Hodges had a cameo role as did her daughter. WOW - real thespians you two!

Afterwards, we had a chance to meet the cast as we sipped coffee and enjoyed sandwiches.

A FABULOUS time was had by all. Some of us are still laughing! Thank you bunches to Diane Dillard for all that you did to put this fundraiser together and make it a success!

Diane Dillard of Ridgedale Players and  I/ACT pictured with her daughter
Tamara Dillard, caterer and owner of Edible Arts (248-544-3713).

I/ACT Member Profile: Christine Laikind - Firebrick Gallery & Pottery Studio

Troy resident Christine Laikind is the new owner of the Firebrick Gallery & Pottery Studio at 404 S Main in downtown Rochester.

She had been a regular customer of the store and became its owner in May 2010. Firebrick conducts pottery, drawing and painting classes. It also features lots of original art by local Michigan artists!

Christine has a professional marketing background. She is also an adjunct instructor at CCS where she teaches Web Design and Photoshop. This is an exciting addition to the local arts community.
Included are links to Firebrick's Facebook page and two recent newsletters: June 9th, June 14th.

Leon and Lulu Artist Exhibit Opportunity - July 16th deadline

Leon and Lulu's is a zany and artsy retail furniture and gift store establishment in downtown Clawson.  They are also big supporters of local artists and feature quarterly art fairs where artists can set up displays in their retail establishment. Their next two day art market is on Sunday, Aug 29th and Tuesday, Aug 31st. Artist application deadline is July 16th. Link to their website: and Events Page (art fair is 5th item down).

A look at their Gallery Page will show some of the amazing merchandise in the store.  This location was formerly home to the Ambassador Skating Rink. The store's friendly mascot "Spot" is frequently on hand to greet customers. I/ACT artists Larry Zdeb and James Homer Brown have displayed work at Leon and Lulu's. Sri Guha is already on the schedule for the August show.

James Homer Brown  - Satirical Abstract in Paint Creek Member Exhibit.

The Paint Creek Center for the Arts is an I/ACT member organization and the sponsor the of the Arts and Apples Festival in Rochester which attracts over 125,000 people yearly.

Their members' Juried Art Show runs from June 25 to July 31st 2010. The opening reception is Friday June 25 from 7 to 9pm.

"Talking Heads #4"  a satirical abstract oil painting by I/ACT artist and Board Member James Homer Brown was selected to be a part of this exhibit.

Paint Creek is located at 407 Pine Street in Rochester. Their phone number is 248-651-4110. Included are links to a printable map and information about their history (pdf format).  They are open every day except Sunday.
Artserve is the key arts advocacy organization in the State of Michigan (newsletter signup link.) They are currently involved with the Michigan Cultural Data Project  and provide training for the project via Regional Artserve meetings. This project offers  powerful online management tools that will help to strengthen arts and culture organizations and ultimately streamline the grant application process. Free training sessions are being held in metro Detroit in June (schedule here).
Artprize  turns the City of Grand Rapids into an art gallery for two weeks. It also offers $450,000 in prizes with the top winner receiving $250,000.  It's an international arts competition that is also part arts festival and part social experiment. (Artprize: Igniting the Power of the Arts video link.)

It has some unique rules. Each artist can enter only 1 piece of work - and the works are voted on by the public. You have to be at the event in order to vote. Also each artist must connect with a venue willing to display their artwork.  For 2010, the number of venues hosting art has increased from 159 to 220 and the demand for artists has increased accordingly.

For networking about this event, please contact Jim Brown at 248-528-3876.

We Need Feedback about Artists' Networking Location and Cost

There is a good chance that we might be able to meet in the evening at one of the Michigan Design Center Studios.  The networking event would cost about $10 per person to cover refreshments and some gourmet snacks. Artists would be encouraged to bring a piece of their artwork for display.

Question: We don't want to go ahead with this unless we can get approximately 30 people. No date has been set yet. If this sounds like an event you could attend - please email Linda Shears (linda@lindashears.com) or call / leave a voicemail for Charlene Brown at 248-813-0234.

Reminder - New Auburn Hills Art Market Opportunity

I/ACT artist, and calligrapher, Lynn Lim has forwarded information about a new venture in Auburn Hills.  A "Farmer's Market" will be opening up June 17th and their objective is to include art and artisans in their open air format.  "This will be  weekly community event that will bring together residents, farmers and artisans in a relaxed and fun atmosphere."

It will run each Thursday through Oct 21st. Location will be the downtown area of Squirrel and Auburn Road, hours from 3 to 7pm. Vendor fee is $20. Download 2 page flyer here (pdf format).

I/ACT Meeting Dates for 2010

It looks like we can continue to meet at the Troy Library, at least through year end.

The anticipated meeting schedule (last Monday of each month) is listed below. Contact Linda Shears (linda@lindashears.com) or Charlene Brown  248-813-0234 with any meeting questions.

  • June 28
  • July 26
  • Aug  30
  • Sept  27
  • Oct  25
  • Nov 29
  • Dec - No meeting

I/ACT Contact Names

Linda Shears - I/ACT Committee Chair  linda@lindashears.com

Charlene Brown - Newsletter / Website : Phone 248-813-0234 or info@troyarts.org.
I/ACT Website:  www.TroyArts.org