I/ACT - Newsletter November 26, 2010
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Meeting Reminder  - Image and Arts Council of Troy
Monday November 29th 1:30 pm - Troy Public Library

Some agenda items: 

  • Meeting location and dates for 2011.
  • Leon and Lulu's artist market on Sunday Nov 28 and Tue Nov 30.
  • Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley - new artist opportunities.
  • Michigan Artisans  - "Youtique" show on Saturday  December 4th.
  • I/ACT TV show "Marketing Your Art - The Power of Friends" Part One - featuring Larry Zdeb on CMN TV Channel 18 is playing at 7:30 pm Wednesday and 11:30 am Thursday. 
The I/ACT meeting is free - and anyone interested in the Arts in Troy is encouraged to attend. Visit our website at www.TroyArts.org.  If I/ACT members have news items to post, please email to info@troyarts.org by the 15th of the month.

Memeber News

Larry Zdeb has been published in the "International Book of Contemporary Artists"  which is available through Amazon.com.  Also 20 of his wearable art pendants were accepted at the Ariana Gallery in Royal Oak.  Larry will be at the Leon and Lulu's art market on Sunday Nov 28 and Tuesday Nov 30th.

In addition, he is  the host for Part Two of "Marketing Your Art - The Power of Friends" which should air on CMN (Channel 18 on WOW and Comcast) in December.

James Homer Brown had two paintings accepted at the Scarab Club Gold Medal Exhibition.  He also won Second Place for his painting called "Talking Heads #4". 

Bill Cowger's next Photo Safari is scheduled for February, 2011.

Firebrick Gallery and Pottery Studio
Firebrick Gallery and Pottery Studio - is located in Downtown Rochester.

Christine Laikind, Troy resident and Firebrick's new owner has LOTS of events coming up and monthly "Call for Artist" postings going through August 2011!  Click on "The Gallery" tab on her website for more details.  New pottery classes are also starting for all ages.

Leon and Lulu's
The next Artists' Market is  Sunday Nov 28th and Tues Nov 30th.   This is a great indoor art fair that includes around forty local artists   - make sure to attend!

I/ACT Meeting Dates for 2010

It looks like we can continue to meet at the Troy Library, at least through year end.

The anticipated meeting schedule (last Monday of each month) is listed below. Contact Linda Shears (linda@lindashears.com) or Charlene Brown  248-813-0234 with any meeting questions.
Meeting time: 1:30 pm and usually lasting until 3pm.

  • Nov 29
  • Dec - No meeting

I/ACT Contact Names

Linda Shears - I/ACT Committee Chair  linda@lindashears.com

Charlene Brown - Newsletter / Website : Phone 248-813-0234 or info@troyarts.org.
I/ACT Website:  www.TroyArts.org