Art Unhinged - the Kmart Recycled Doors Project.

Eighty pound
steel doors from the soon-to-be-demolished Kmart building are being re-purposed as art projects. Artists are asked to use their skills to transform these doors into beautiful art in any form. The finished project will be auctioned for charity.
Linda Shears: Image and Arts Council of Troy: Art Unhinged - Kmart recycled doors project.
Linda Shears and Diana Jellinek with their re-purposed door picturing the Art Centers of Michigan. Larger detail photo here.
Child artist Adrian Jellinek creates a colorfuld outdoor landscape with a tree and starry sky.   "The Garden Stairs" by Troy artist Beverly Booth. . Larger detail photo here.
Linda Shears and Diana Jellinek at work on their door
in the studio shared with James Homer Brown.
The artists get ready to apply primer paint to the their door.   James Homer Brown with the layout for his door and the final art creation called
"The Visitor'
One of the 80 pound steel doors being delivered to the artists workroom at Ford & Earl.