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May 14   Art Openings This Week + Langsford Chorus
Apr 29   Troy Garden Walk - Arts Boutique Deadline
Apr 23   Troy Historic Village Show, Golden Paint Workshop
Apr 21   Calls for Art, Paint A Miracle Fundraiser, Habatat Show
Mar 27   Pat Shaw Magazine Article, More Artist News
Mar 19   Vibrant America - Photography of Paul Wood
Feb 24   Reciprocity: Paint A Miracle Show at Belian Art Center
Jan 27   Pat Zdeb on Antiques Road Show, Linda Shears on TV, James Homer Brown Show at 822 Gallery - Royal Oak
Jan 09   Novi Home Show Deadline, Ridgedale Players Theater
Jan 04   Art Demo Canceled Due to Bad Weather
Dec 11   Mich Great Artist Finalists, Langsford Chorus Events
Nov 15   38th Annual Potters Market, Village Fine Art Gallery
Nov 05   Wonderfest I/ACT Fundraiser, Artist News
Oct 23   Safari Photogrpher Bill Cowger at Troy¬†Library
Sept 19   MI Great Artist Contest, New Facebook Page, More
Sept 18   Meeting Reminder - Belian Art Center on Friday
Aug28   New Facebook Page, IXITI, Photo Contest Winner
Jul 17   Larry Zdeb wins at MFAC, More I/ACT Winners & Shows
Jun 26   Antiques Road Show, Knight Art Challenge, July Meeting
May 31   Artist News, Events & Exhibit Opportunities
May 29   Zabel Belian wins Regional Arts & Culture Award
May 12   Troy Historic Village / Garden Club Event - Deadline May 15
Apr 29   Ridgedale Players, Langsford Chorus, Artist News
Apr 13   Belian Art Exhibit, Novi Home Show Report, May Meeting
Mar 19   Call for Artists, Fundraisers, March Meeting
Feb 20   Feb Meeting +Bill Cowger Studio Opening
Jan 16   Jan Meeting +Planning for Novi Home Show 2013
Dec 19   Village Fine Arts Gallery + Larry Zdeb at the BBAC
Nov 26   Potters Market + Langsford Men's Chorus + Nov Meeting
Oct 24   Oct Meeting +Special Events at Belian Art Center
Oct 09   Georg Vihos Art Opening + I/ACT Member News
Sept 23   Vote In MiGreatArtist Competition + Art News Links
Aug 15   Belian Art Center Events + New MiGreatArtist.com Contest
July 5   DIA Art Comes to Troy + James Homer Brown Exhibit
Jun 28   Canvas and Clay Exhibit + I/ACT Member News
May 24   New Exhibit Opportunities + ASID Chair-ity Auction + News
May 18   Langsford Men's Chorus, Fine Art at the Village, More
May 04   Belian Art Center: Abstract Artist: James Homer Brown and Jeremy Forman Exhibit, Artscape Deadline More
Apr 23   Novi Home Show Report, James Homer Brown Exhibit, Paint A Miracle Fundraiser, Chair-ity Event
Mar 19   Friday is our new meeting day + more updates¬†
Mar 08   Tues Mar 13th Planning Meeting for Novi Home Show
Feb 24   Mon Feb 27th 1:30pm Meeting Reminder
Feb 15   Novi Home Show: Feb 20 App Deadline + Tue Feb 21 Mtg
Feb 08   Hot! Call for Artists - St Joseph Mercy Oakland
Feb 03   Novi Home Show + I-ActConnection Yahoo Group Invitation
Jan 26   Mon Jan 30th Meeting + Member / Art News
Jan 05   Happy 2012 + Art Events This Weekend
Dec 07   Belian Art Opening, Langsford Chorus, Ridgedale Players
Nov 23   Mon Nov 28th Meeting + Artist News
Oct 27   Mon Oct 31st Meeting + Belian Art Center Tour
Sept 29   Call for Artists
Sept 14   Call for Artists + Art Openings Updates
Aug 30   New Newsletter Format - Lots of Links
July 20   Mon 7/25 Meeting at Belian Art Center + Member News
Jun 22   Belian Art Center Meeting + "Sell It" Success
May 19   Mon Mtg + June 9th Art Sales Seminar + Ovation TV
May 11   Thurs June 9th "Sell It" Event + New Meeting Location
Apr 21
  Mon April 25 Mtg + June 9th Fundraiser + 3 More Events
Mar 23
  Mar 28 Meeting + Awards Dinner + New I/ACT Fundraiser
Feb 24
  Feb 28 Meeting + IACT wins award
Jan 07
  Meeting Dates + Artist News
Nov 26
  Nov 29th Meeting Reminder + Artist News
Oct 20
  Oct 25th Meeting + Art Mix & Mingle A Success
Oct 05
  Artist News + Oct 9th Artist as Entrepreneur workshoo
Sept 22
  Sept 27th Meeting + Oct 6 Art and Wine Event + Art Detroit Now
Sept 17
  Ridgedale Players Theater - Fall Season - Starts Tonight
Sept 14
  October 6th Art and Wine Event - Please RSVP
Aug 25
  Aug 30th Meeting + Oct 6th Art and Wine Event
Aug 24
  Troy's Belian Art Center - Exhibit Opening Fri Aug 27, 2010
Jul 24
  July Meeting + Ridgedale Golf Event+ Library Support
Jun 22
  June 28th Meeting Reminder + Member News
May 04
  Ridgedale Players Theater + Artist News
May 21
  May Meeting Reminder + Artprize + Artserve + Lots More
Apr 30
  Ridgedale Players + Langsford Men's Chorus + Artist's Meeting
Apr 14
  I/ACT Fundraiser May 7 + Meeting Reminder + Social Networking
Mar 26
  Meeting Notice of March 29th
Feb 15
  Feb 19th Meeting Notice + Artist News
Jan 22
  Meeting Notice for Jan 25 + Artist News
Jan 15
  Bill Cowger Art Opening + IACT Seminar
Nov 17
  Monet Arts Seminar - Art, Revitalization, Cultural Tourism
Oct 26
  TV times for Bill Cowger's Photo Safari Show + New Member ews
Oct 13
  Suzanne Wiggins of Paint Creek Speaks at I/ACT
Sept 18
  Ridgedale Players Seminar +Kiwanis Art & Wine Event
Apr 17
  Urban Arts Seminar - Art, Revitalization, Cultural Tourism
Feb 17
  Bill Cowger's African Wildlife Photo Safari Seminar
Jan 16
  I/ACT Meeting - Pew Charitable Trust - Cultural Data Project
Oct 09
  I/ACT on TV + Kiwanis Wine Event +"Catwalk" Fashion Show
Sept 27
  Dracula Musical + Troy Eccentric News + Art Opportunity!
Sept 12
  Sept 19 I/ACT Seminar + Nov 8 Dracula Musical
Aug 01
  Doors Still Available + Artist Wine/Cheese Party
June 30
  I/ACT Artist Invitation + Doors Project Update
June 2
  Doors "Art Unhinged" Application + 2 News Articles!
May 20
  Public Forum about the arts in Troy - 5/28 - 7PM Meeting
April 11
  Mark Your Calendar for Friday, April 18th - Troy Arts + More
Mar 26
  Art Invitation
Mar 07
  Three Friday "Lunch and Learn" Seminars
Nov 15
  Call for Artists + New Website - Image & Arts Council of Troy