I/ACT Artists do it again! Diana Jellinek, Linda Shears and James Homer Brown create a "100 Books" mural for Sherry Buczek's classroom at Bemis Elementary in Troy.

The project lasted several weeks over May and June of 2008. The kids loved seeing real artists at work! Diana came up with the mural idea to help inspire her son Adrian's class. Adrian also helped with some of the painting.  The mural also depicts a tiny hamster hiding among the books. This was a way to commemorate the schoolroom's beloved pet. Many thanks to teacher Sherry Buczek for her encouragement of this art project.

An article about this artwork entitled "Mural Celebrates Classroom's Love of Reading" is being featured in the Troy School District's newsletter.

More photos of artists in action from the Bemis "100 Books" Mural challenge below.ge here.
Muralists James Homer Brown, Linda Shears, Diana Jellinek
  Diana Jellinek and Linda Shears  
Wall detail by Linda Shears