>>Phase 1: Beginning Sketch<<

Michigan Artist - James Homer Brown with Science Fiction sketch for recycled art project.
James Homer Brown with "The Visitor"
A Science Fiction oil painting rendered on a recycled steel door from the former Kmart World Headquarters building as part of the
"Art Unhinged" project.

The final product took six months to complete.
>>Phase 3: Finished Product

Artist: James Homer Brown: The Visitor painted door - recycled art project.
>>Phase 2: Work in Process<<  
Science Fiction Art: by James Homer Brown

More Sci Fi art by
James Homer Brown
Science Fiction Artist: James Homer Brown
"The Intruder Within"

Science Fiction Art: James Homer Brown:  Paintings of robots, scary aliens and more. Member of the Image and Arts Council of Troy Michigan

Grendel: Painting detail - art by James Homer Brown
"Grendel" -
(painting detail)